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Rep Strategy for Order of the Awakened

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Rep Strategy for Order of the Awakened

Postby Grimblast » Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:30 am

Highgrade, I found a nice strategy for us when we start to get that rep grind going for the Order of the Awakened. As an added bonus, an easier way to get those shards on for a daily quest too. I think the numbers and slashes are supposed to be coordinates which they could've listed better than that but meh. We get what they mean.

You can grind this one fairly quickly every day. Do the Rumble in the Jungle even though this weekly quest may not be available. You can still kill the 3 dudes and I've been getting 6 fragments each day. Then you just need to kill 2 other rare's and your done for the day. I like the Cave of Betrayal at 37/77 because it re-spawns fast. You can also go to the Rainfern Grotto at 17/49 but that does not re-spawn very fast. Please add the cords for your favorite rares.

And then the post below that one:

Came here to say just this, for people still finishing this rep grind. Rendarr, Akrillon, and Eye-Piercer drop 1, 2, and 3 fel crystals, respectively. This is a daily reset (like other rare spawns), which effectively cuts this daily to 4 crystals. Cave of Betrayal is excellent, and you can grab Night Haunter in Zorammarsh and Bramblefell just north of the road there.

As always, if they ever purge their posts, I went ahead and posted the info here as well for future reference.
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