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Classic Sounds + Gravel Resource Pack

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:41 pm
by Zancarius
I've put together a modest resource pack that returns the classic sounds of Minecraft's rain and doors which are, IMO, arguably superior to the modernized versions. Also included is the classic Minecraft gravel texture. If you prefer not to overwrite the modern gravel texture, simply remove [samp]assets/minecraft/textures/blocks/gravel.png[/samp] from the .zip and repack it.

I have always had a strong fondness for Minecraft's indoor rain sounds, because it's reminiscent of the occasional heavy downpours in NM during monsoons. The updated sound pack introduced around 1.10 doesn't have the same effect and is noticeably weaker lacking the emotional punch. I suspect they were aiming to reduce rain to a meager background noise, perhaps to improve the game's ambience and draw attention to other sounds, but I don't like it! Here's the fix:

Old Default Resource Pack (Classic Sounds + Gravel Texture)

Drop this in your Minecraft resourcepack folder, go to options, then resource packs, and click the "play" button on to add it to your active resource overrides.