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Overwatch, looking for party over the holday!

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Overwatch, looking for party over the holday!

Postby Grimblast » Fri May 27, 2016 2:08 pm

So Matt mentioned the other night he had made a post in our forums about playing Overwatch and I assured him there was no such post so for giggles, I'm throwing my post out there. We've got a 3 day weekend coming up and besides some small things around the house that I will be working on, I plan on spending time playing more Overwatch. I like how casual the game is and matches aren't super long due to the objective based gameplay.

I'm hoping that some of us that did get the game can party up and just have fun. Win or lose, the game is fun. Even if we are losing, I've seen us make them work for it. Even when a team insulted us last night, I noted out loud in voice that we dominated the best play cards for voting at the end. It probably deflated them enough to make them quit so they didn't have to face us again, hah!

For those that don't have the game, even if you aren't a first person shooter fan, its an easy game to get into and play. Your ammo is infinite. You just have to reload your clip based on the characters weapon. The catch is strategy. Learning how to counter an opposing teams' characters with your own party's mix of characters and executing abilities together or separately. The strategy portion of the game is what is so appealing to me and the in game voice chat codec is actually really good. None of that static/echo business. Most players still say good game at the end of matches and overall it was worth the wait so Blizzard could release a good quality FPS game.

If anyone who doesn't have the game is interested, I can record some of my/our matches to share here so you can see what it's like in game. The stuff you will catch on youtube is mostly people posting silly thug like commentaries. At least mine isn't cut up or containing extensive "epeen".

For us old timers, it plays more like Quake 3 Arena and Tribes(1&2).
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