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Elder Scrolls Online Play

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Elder Scrolls Online Play

Postby Grimblast » Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:00 am

So it had been awhile since I fired up ESO and figured while I waited for Dark Souls 3 to release I decided to fire up a new character and level them up. Knowing that Ben and Rachael had characters present in the Daggerfall Covenent, I set my character to that faction and started playing through what I could last Friday through Sunday. It was refreshing to hear that each faction's NPC's actually have different voice actors compared to the other alliances I toyed around with. I was ecstatic to hear the voice actor for Minsc in the Baldur's Gate game had voiced a good number of characters as I played. Even the voice actor for Logan Thackery in GW2 voiced some characters as well. I managed to get up to level 34 before I decided to stop leveling and exploring. The story is very awesome and there is so much to do in the game and explore. Someday we will have to group up and do some leveling/Dungeoning. The game does have a scaling mechanic so level won't make a difference since it will scale us up or down to be the same level/general stats. Loot will still be level appropriate for you from what I've experienced. I was thrown into veteran versions of dungeons I had access to and the feeling knowing I managed to heal people through those was crazy. I thought we were screwed but I kept us alive for the most part(helps if allies don't stand in the fire situations).

Compared to the last time I played, I've learned more about healing and got some pointers from players in game that were willing to part with information. I never knew that the Matriarch summon could be spec'd for a smart heal ability and its damn good too! AOE tanking doesn't really seem to exist in the game from what I've seen so its tough on the healer but I actually enjoyed the challenge it gave me. I hope to eventually finish the story for the Daggerfall Covenent areas in the coming months since I feel more invested in it than the other factions I tried to play. Plus I have a soft spot for Daggerfall in general since that was the first Elder Scrolls game I played, hah!
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