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Alien Swarm game night, Saturday

Steam has so many games these days that it's impossible to list them all here. If you're into playing games on Steam, share your thoughts here! Better yet, friend a 'goon today.
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Alien Swarm game night, Saturday

Postby Grimblast » Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:01 pm

I played a few games of Alien Swarm with Sunder on Steam last night and found out how hard it is without a full party of 4 players. So, I propose a game night so we can kick this game's ass! If you don't have the game, it is free in the Steam library of games. You simply setup a free Steam account and then do a search for the game and download it. It is a top down/3rd person like shooter with squad based tactics. You gain xp while playing so you get access to better weapons and goodies.

I'm thinking maybe Saturday we can setup a game this week to kick some butt. I'm available after 6pm Mountain Time on Saturday which would be my preferred game night due to Halloween on Sunday. Let me know who all is interested and I'll see if I can't catch you on Steam. We will be using the guilds TS for the games we play so keep an eye out for me in there. If you don't have my steam ID, it's Grimblast.
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