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Minecraft 1.11: Exploration Update

Minecraft isn't just a chip off the ol' block. It's an addictive and deceptively complicated construction sandbox game. Play in survival mode (multiplayer, too!) while building fortifications to protect against zombie hordes--and other baddies that appear during the night--or try your hand at massive projects in creative mode. We run a local Minecraft server instance for guild members and others on an invite-only basis. See the sticky posts in this forum for details!
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Minecraft 1.11: Exploration Update

Postby Zancarius » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:06 pm

Minecraft continues to chug along with the introduction of the Exploration Update, bringing the current playable version to 1.11. For those who want to join in, I've gone ahead and updated the server. If you're running 1.10, you'll need to update first to join. This should happen automatically unless you're using a profile that has its version pinned to an specific release.
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