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Levequests and Crafting

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Levequests and Crafting

Postby Grimblast » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:35 pm

Here's a big tip for those afraid of crafting. Use your levequests to level up crafting. Some crafting leve's give more xp than others and for only 1 item. The best leve's come directly from the adventurer's guild in the same city as the jobs guild hall so make sure to grab them there. Most will have you take a trip to a far place to turn in the quest once you've crafted the requested item but here's where it gets interesting. If you can give them a high quality version of the item, you get a fairly large xp boost from the quest and a ton of Gil to offset the cost of teleporting back and forth.

I tend to find something easy to make and churn out a lot of it as high quality items and then do my quests. Just bounce back and forth a few times and voila! Level up in no time. The challenge is the high quality part but I can offset some of that with the crafting clothing I can make for most jobs so hit me up in game if you need some!
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