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Problems with Thalaria

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Problems with Thalaria

Postby Zancarius » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:44 am

After conducting some research into the matter, I have discovered that I am indeed responsible for the issues discussed in this thread. It troubles me that the individual or individuals who have taken issue with me feel that they have to address it amongst others rather than taking it directly to me. As I have made clear to others in my company: If you have a problem with me please bring it directly to my attention. Hearing it indirectly--much less having to research myself to verify that I am indeed the source of the problem--doesn't establish a dialog.

It disheartens me to know that I must learn of such things by proxy; I try hard to maintain an open mind so that I might learn of things from other perspectives. This post is a petition by me to open such a dialog. I would rather the issue be discussed in private because I don't want this to balloon into more of a public fiasco than it has already. It would also give you the opportunity to hear my side of the story, rather than making assumptions based on inference. I am neither beligerent, nor would I chastize someone for bringing up a concern or issue they have with me. I am also raising a petition to others on this board to relay this information to the person or persons who have taken issue with me (if they are not a poster or lurker on this forum) so that I can bring the matter to resolution.

I will likely be playing Ithica for the next several days for a variety of reasons, so you will need to contact me on her. I am burned out with the warrior, the latency, and am also highly discouraged by the rumors I have heard that strongly indicate my inadequacy as a player and guild mate. While the latency issues appear to be mostly resolved, I don't believe that my standards of play match those required by others, so I am quite confident that my ability to add any degree of usefulness to an instance run as Thalaria is greatly diminished. I have discussed possible resolutions to this matter with Turus, and if need be, will ask for my demotion if I feel the situation cannot be satisfactorily rectified.

/salute the 'goons.
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