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Server name (Myzrael) and who's playing

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Server name (Myzrael) and who's playing

Postby Zancarius » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:56 pm

Hey everyone. I'm not quite sure who visits the forums anymore, but for those who do, I'd like to share some information about World of Warcraft: Classic, who I know is going to be playing it, and what server(s).

At present, we've settled on Myzrael as Alliance (PvE, US Pacific time). It was a toss-up between this or Pagel (US Eastern), but since most of us are closer to the west coast than not, Pagel probably isn't the best choice, even if the eastern servers are based in Chicago. Following the name reservation period, it looks like the server populations are fairly high, so even "medium" servers, according to Blizzard, have a "significantly" higher population than they would have had in 2006 when vanilla came to its end (their words; I don't know what "significant" means as it was without context).

Who's Playing?

Grimblast (tentative)
Highgrade (casually)
Sunderheart (Whitemane primarily; may casually join us on Myzrael)
Cody (Trekk's brother; I don't know what character name he's going with)
Cody's wife
Dilatory (hates me for talking about it so much)
Deathntaxes (tentative)
Lithium (yep, that Lithium--he's back!--might play on a couple different servers)

Grimblast and Highgrade have obligations in FFXIV and also interests in other games at this point, so they might not be playing regularly since the leveling process in vanilla was a significant time investment. Plus, I know Grimblast may wait for the initial crowds to die off, depending on how the servers handle layering.

Asperity has expressed interest in playing on a PvP realm as Horde. If anyone's interested in joining him, you may wish to let him know. I may post some Discord links for anyone else who has some interest in Classic.

This information is subject to change since Blizzard has had to introduce at least one other North American server due to the starting population. If Myzrael becomes too overcrowded and layering does nothing to resolve the issue, we'll examine other possibilities.
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