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Relic Weapons

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Relic Weapons

Postby Grimblast » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:31 pm

So, HG and I just built our relic weapons on one of our classes and I'd like to see about getting some of you level 50's in on that gearing action. It takes a series of quests to build said weapon but it is very much worth it in the end. The main requirement is that you have a class at level 50 and have completed the main story through the Praetorium.

Once we have several of us with relic weapons, we will start the mythology tomestome grind so you can upgrade the weapon into a Zenith weapon and then, yet another series of fates to make it an Atma weapon. They just don't stop at an uber relic weapon. They let you upgrade it by earning it through questing!

It's not easy to say the least but since HG and I know what's going on(and Zeek too!) we should be able to get the initial item built and then work as a team to get the rest done. Story wise, its like you are building the legend of your own weapon which I thought was a nice touch on Square-Enix's part. The quests rid us of the RNG part until the Atma portion but I'll explain that if we get that far!

Anyways, post here if you are interested or you can hit me up in Teamspeak since I'm usually present there or in game!
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