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Crafting for housing funds!

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Crafting for housing funds!

Postby Grimblast » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:46 am

Ok, so selling some of my crafting goods has started to become more profitable than selling my raw materials. I had Matt dump his excess materials he wasn't going to use in the guild bank. Highgrade, if your retainers are holding too many items and you don't plan on crafting with them, go ahead and dump them in the guild bank tab 3. I might be able to turn them into several items to help us level/make gil so we can get that guild house!

I did notice that the small guild house is the size of an Inn room so we may have to push our goals higher and go for a medium home. I leave that up to yall. We could go for a small house initially given that we are the 3 most active members save for Crucia whom is very casual. Now, the problem with buying a small house is, I don't think you can get your gil back so you can buy the next tier of house up from it so we may be house-less for a while while we save but I have a few ideas once we get Matt to 50 to speed some of this process up.

Also, if you have any shards/crystals you aren't using, can you also deposit those in the guild bank? They may save me gathering time since every darn thing I craft uses them.
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