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Plugin List (as of September 15th, 2013)

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Plugin List (as of September 15th, 2013)

Postby Zancarius » Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:41 pm

We currently have the following plugins enabled on the server:

I recently added TreeAssist to the list. It allows you to cut down entire trees by breaking the lowest block with a tool. The entire tree will convert to logs you can pick up, and the decay rate of the leaves has been markedly increased but the decay rate of leaves remains the same (fast decay rates were interfering with jungle tree respawns, reducing the number of leaves they generated with). Further, chopped trees will automatically re-plant a sapling in their location, so you can proceed to destroy forests without any repercussions from me complaining about floating trees. You can use /treeassist toggle to turn off the auto-destruction feature.

I've yet to decide if the saplings should be automatically planted. It seems something like cheating, but it also eliminates one person clearing an entire forest and depriving nearby players of trees. One downside to this feature is that if you're clearing land, you have to remember to collect the sapling as well. Also, be sure to carry multiple axes with you: The same durability loss for chopping the entire tree will be incurred against the durability of your axe. Thus, cutting a single tall jungle tree will consume about half the durability of a steel axe (the same as if you had to climb the tree and chop it down manually). Seems like a decent trade off for faster tree chopping. ;)

Note: Dynmap has been removed due to excessive RAM usage. I'll be exploring possible alternatives or new configurations at some point in the near future, but given the rapid increase of allocated RAM Bukkit starts to use with Dynmap enabled, it's something of a hazard since it appears something may be leaking. Within two days of uptime (give or take), Dynamp was causing the process to balloon from about 500-600 MiB to 1.5 GiB. I don't recall it doing this in its previous version, so it's either a mis-configuration on my part (likely) or a resource leak of some sort.

In order to accommodate the absence of Dynmap, we've added MyHome and MyWarp to the list of plugins. This will allow you to create up to 15 total warps (5 public, shared among others; 10 private) and create a home location that you can share. MyHome allows you to use /home to return home with a warmup period of 5 seconds and a cooldown of 30 minutes (this means that it'll trigger after 5 seconds and you'll only be able to reuse it after 30 minutes). MyWarp allows you to warp to locations with only a 2 minute cool down, but it will take up to 30 seconds to trigger. The intent here is to limit the abuse of these commands and mostly to encourage you to only use them when traveling to a distant location. I'm hoping this will augment the lack of Dynmap for the foreseeable future as I've not yet taken the time to explore possible alternatives.

Feel free to post requests for new plugins or assistance with existing ones here. Remember that our core server is in survival mode, so some plugins may not be completely available for non-administrators. (WorldEdit being one such plugin. It's mostly there to fix things if you break them.)
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