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Tribes 2 Lives

PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:38 pm
by Zancarius
That's right, the sequel to one of the most classic (and first online-only arena-like shooter) games ever lives. Again.

You can grab it here, along with the patch. I'm currently running a test server if you're interested. Their masters don't seem to be reporting exactly what I expected, so the game will either show up as "Black Raven Dragoons - Test Server" or "Gridlock IV - DESTRealm". There's a possibility it might not show up at all.

Anyway, grab the download from Filefront (tribes2_gsi.exe; MD5 checksum: 93460541ddd3bdff9b30829ba04f2186) and grab the TribesNext RC2a patch.

Be warned: You'll either love it or hate it. Not everyone seems to enjoy the extra dimension offered by jetpacks, so if you get frustrated at first, just keep trying! It's quite fun.